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What's the "Argo Way?"

What are we? A technology platform company? Yes. A team of smart people? Sure, but that’s pretty generic; we’re a diverse group that spans dozens of disciplines. Many words can describe us, but none hit the nail on the head. Let’s return to who we are: Individuals driven by strong values to solve complex problems together, the Argo Way.

People join our team because they’re attracted to the real impact they can make. They’re all here for different reasons — many of them personal. Stop anyone in the office on any given day, and they’ll have an answer.

We <3 driving
We love to drive. Yes, that’s right, we love driving and we’re not afraid to say it. We’re talking about the fun, wind-in-your-hair, twisty mountain-road driving. Not the stuck-in-traffic, late-to-your-next-appointment driving! We’re not on a mission to take away your freedom; we want to add choices that expand your freedom.

Cut the fluff
When we have something to say, it’s because there’s something to say. We don’t toot our own horn, make a big roadshow out of our leadership team, or post on social media every day. We take pride in being pragmatic. Honesty + Transparency = Trust Done Right.

Focus on talent
We go where there’s talent, build our business where there’s talent, and find talent from all walks of life, wherever we need to be. We’ve built our teams to be flexible from the start, and our diversity makes us stronger.

Who we are
Argo AI employees come from more than 30 countries and deeply fascinating backgrounds to work on our shared purpose: making cities safer, easier, and more enjoyable for all.