Deep Learning at DeeplinkOctober - 2022


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Deeplink is an Ethereum-based deep-learning protocol allowing blockchains to maintain On-chain Neural Networks while introducing programmability, machine learning and on-chain data science into blockchains. In addition, other Ethereum or EVM compatible chains and protocols can use on-chain neural networks and agents to improve efficiency, on-chain execution capabilities and security.

Deeplink middleware bridge, MLOps and the developer toolkit will allow non-blockchain AI/ML developers and data scientists to build, train and deploy on-chain ML and data science problems (e.g. on-chain MLOps, on-chain AI agents, cross-chain smart order routing, liquidity aggregator agents, on-chain risk management, smart oracles & SAMMs) at scale.

We are true believers in the spirit of crypto and blockchain—of economic Freedom, where everyone should have access to financial freedom. We are big believers in decentralisation, fairness & transparency. We live and breathe in crypto and blockchain 24/7. We are extremely passionate about building open-source tools to innovate. All Deeplink technology, engineering and technical concepts, research, codes, data and product development methodologies are public and open-source.