Deep Learning at deepsetOctober - 2022


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Language is the new API to data

Finding the right information in a trove of text data is an ever-increasing problem.

We believe natural language is the most flexible and powerful way to interact with data and applications.

A tectonic transformation of search is happening, thanks to a collaborative effort within an open ecosystem.

We don't believe in one-size-fits-all AI

Instead, we empower developers to build flexible and powerful neural search systems to query all types of data.

We are building a semantic layer for the modern tech stack — driven by the latest NLP and open source.

We believe NLP is a game changer

We founded deepset to address the most powerful use-case for NLP — neural search.

We've worked with the largest enterprise customers to help them do search differently.

We bridge the gap between research and industry.

When BERT was released, it disrupted the enterprise search.

Within three weeks, we trained our own BERT tailored for a customer in the aerospace domain.

We iterated fast, contributed to major open source projects, listened to our customers, and that helped us develop Haystack — an end-to-end framework for composable neural search.