Deep Learning at OneSecondDeliveryOctober - 2022


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We deliver everything 2 times faster and 27 times cheaper, thanks to small autonomous delivery-robots


We are building fully autonomous, completely noiseless, highly reliable delivery drones.Our drone is considered by many people to be the most advanced aircraft ever designed. It has the gliding efficiency of some airline jets, but also has all the abilities of a helicopter. We have designed, built and tested more than 300 variants of our aircraft in a wind tunnel to optimize for aerodynamic efficiency and stability. The noise frequency of the propellers is below the human hearing threshold, making it virtually silent. It weighs only 800 grams, has 100 kilometers of range, and more sensors and compute power than any consumer drone. It was built with a safety standard that exceeds the safety of many large manned aircraft, using fully redundant components, a first in the drone industry.On the software side, we have developed the worlds largest depth estimation dataset, and we are pushing AI and machine learning technologies to the next level. This AI makes it possible for us to safely deploy a fleet of drones in any given city around the world, where they will be able to navigate fully autonomously and collision free to their destination. We use highly robust control systems and path planning algorithms, and combine them with the most cutting edge machine learning techniques for computer vision and perception. ​