Technical Chief of Staff at Generally Intelligent

80,000 - 140,000
San Francisco

Equity: 0 - .5%

Generally Intelligent is hiring a Technical Chief of Staff to help us create safe, humane machine intelligence.

We are looking for someone who is very interested in building humane general machine intelligence. If this is not one of your core interest/goals, this role is not going to be a fit.

This role is a unique opportunity to:

  • Meet many of the best researchers in the field
  • Spend significant time reading papers and deeply understanding the fields of machine learning, neuroscience, and developmental psychology
  • Hire great researchers and build a high-growth research culture in which we’ll all thrive
  • Be part of a small, tight-knit team that loves working together and cares about each other
  • Work closely with and receive support and mentorship from CEO Kanjun Qiu and CTO Josh Albrecht

This role is a good fit for you if:

  • You want to be, and are good at, learning & growing extremely quickly
  • You care deeply about understanding the fundamentals of intelligence, and you’re interested in machine learning and neuroscience
  • You like people and enjoy building long-term relationships - both for yourself and on behalf of the organization
  • We can trust you to have good judgment and execute independently, even on projects with significant ambiguity
  • You’re the kind of person who must get the details right

A few example things you might do:

  • Support our CEO across a wide variety of work, including leading external communications (e.g. investor updates, outreach to potential collaborators and partners, blog posts, etc.) and internal communications
  • Lead our recruiting efforts across a variety of roles including machine learning researchers, software engineers, and operations
  • Maintain a map of researchers relevant to our approach, and work with Kanjun (CEO) and Josh (CTO) to build relationships with each of them
  • Run “Generally Intelligent,” our podcast about machine learning researchers for machine learning researcher - thinking through who we should bring on as guests, and how to guide and distribute the content to make it as compelling as possible
  • Design, plan, and execute workshops, seminars, team offsites, and speaker series to learn from others and build strong relationships, both with external collaborators and within our team
  • Manage our part-time Office Manager, part-time Financial Consultant, and generally delegate or execute to ensure smooth daily operations

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