Deep Learning Jobs | 5 new positions in BerlinOctober - 2022

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Deep Learning in Berlin

A vibrant startup scene, great work-life balance and great local initiatives are factors propelling Berlin to one of the most attractive cities for deep learning professionals.

Beginning in the early 2000s AI companies and startups started flocking to Germany's capital and preeminent tech hub totaling roughly 30% of all German companies in the AI space.

Numerous initiatives and programs facilitate cooperation between universities and research centers and Berlin's buzzing startup scene. In addition there is a direct pipeline from research projects to accelerator programs and innovation labs which in turn open venues for startup funding.

The growing significance of Berlin as center for artificial intelligence and deep learning specifically is not only being noticed in research and academia, local business stand to profit as well from those advances.

Of the round about 460 IT companies in Germany 30% are based out of Berlin and the surrounding Brandenburg and since 2012 50% of all German AI startups were founded there.

80% of AI and Deep Learning companies and startups operate in the B2B space with a focus on expert systems, voice assistants, business intelligence, healthcare and mobility.

Berlin's Deep Learning companies are heavily represented in the mobility, autonomous driving space with companies such as Motor AI and Deep Safety addressing the legal and safety concerns surrounding self driving, SiaSearch focusing on managing and preparing unstructured sensor data and Phantasma Labs building large scale simulations for training self driving card.

Aside from this diverse startup ecosystem and attractive career prospects for Deep Learning professionals, Berlin is a European capital that also regularly ranks near or at the top of quality of life surveys. The comparatively low rents and overall cost of living, the rich cultural and leisure offerings, as well as the easy-going and international atmosphere all combine to make Berlin hard to beat when comes to work life balance.

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